The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth is a center for spiritual exploration and ethical practice; a thriving green sanctuary; a diverse garden where all are welcome to cultivate the art of living as peaceful, just and loving people.


To care for one another, to search for truth and meaning, to act for justice, and to celebrate the spirit of life.

What UUCD Offers/Asks of Our Members

UUCD offers its members:

Services that speak to the mind and the heart.

A caring and supportive community.

A place to celebrate and commemorate important life events.

Religious education for children.

A variety of enrichment opportunities for adults.

Opportunities to have their voices heard and their votes counted in the decision making processes of the congregation.

Opportunities to act together on our principles in the wider community and the world.

UUCD asks that its members:

Attend services.

Pursue a reflective or spiritual practice.

Develop relationships through small group activities.

Contribute financially.

Serve the congregation with time, talents, and skills.

Serve the wider community and the world.

Membership as defined in UUCD Bylaws




3.0 Any person who is 14 years of age or older who is in accord with the purposes of the UUCD, has signed the Membership book and made an identifiable contribution within the previous twelve months shall be a Member of the Congregation (Member).

3.1 It is specifically understood that Membership is open to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, gender, affectional or sexual orientation, or national origin.

3.2 The Congregational Administrator shall maintain the official list of Members and submit this Membership list to the Board of Trustees (Board) for their approval prior to the deadline for annual submission of our Membership count to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

3.3 Anyone, by request, may resign their Membership.

Join UUCD Membership

“Sign the book” that every member has signed since 1887.

Public Ceremony: Twice each year we conduct a powerful ritual in which you will be introduced to the congregation while you sign the membership book that every member has signed since 1887. At the same time, the congregation will pledge support, nurture and guidance for your journey with us.

Private Signing: Signing the book privately is also an option.

UUCD Memberhsip Classes:

We offer classes to people who want to know more about the internal functioning of UUCD. Contact Molly (218-724-2724) to find out when the next class will be held and/or to add your name to the class roster so you can be notified when the next class will be offered.