The Caring Committee  

Caring Committee contact people:

Click here for a pdf of the Caring Committtee chart


These are baselines–the standard of caring that we will offer to

UUCD members in the following circumstances.

New Baby/Adoption—

1.  Card

2.  Phone call

3.  Visit & a meal once a week for four weeks

  1. Book:  On the Day You Were Born or Happy Adoption Day


  1. Card
  2. Phone call
  3. Visits/visitors (if desired)
  4. A meal sometime during the week they come home (possibly more depending on needs)


  1. Card
  2. Phone Call
  3. Assistance with Memorial Service (if desired) for pledging members and friends.
  4. Meals as needed
  5. Follow-up phone calls, visits, etc.

Chronic Care:

  1.  Cards
  2. Check–in phone calls
  3. Visits (if desired)
  4. Meals as needed
  5. Journal to record visits/information