Community & Democracy

Facilitators: Sally Munger and Jane Gilley

DISCUSSION: Sunday, October 28, 11:30 a.m.

with light refreshments.

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Community & Democracy Tally

From UUCD One-on-one Interviews

Specific community & democracy responses from the one-on-one interviews are provided as follows:

Q8 What are the environmental and social justice issues you care about?

Q11 Are you involved with groups or organizations now that address these issues? (Community and Democracy Summary)

Q12 How would you describe what happens at UUCD in areas of social justice and environmental justice efforts or programming?

Q13 What do you want to see at UUCD re social and environmental justice efforts or programming? How would you like UUCD to be seen or known in the larger community?

UUA Information


Summary notes from Nov 4th focus area discussion.

NOTE: All one-on-one interview responses are available to members and friends only to maintain internal confidentiality of interview respondents. See any Act for Justice leader for the password to view the responses and then click on the “RESPONSES Q2-14” page in the drop down menu at the top left of this web page or click on the plus sign [+] at the top of a smartphone page.