Environmental Justice

Facilitators: Barbara Akre and Beth Tamminen

DISCUSSION WITH DESSERT! Sunday, October 7 after the service. 

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From UUCD One-on-one Interviews

Specific environmental justice responses from the one-on-one interviews are provided as follows:

Q8 What are the environmental issues you care about?

Q 11 Environmental Summary of current engagement in environmental groups and organizations.

Q12 How would you describe what happens (NOW) at UUCD in evironmental justice efforts or programming?

Q13 What do you WANT TO SEE at UUCD regarding environmental justice efforts or


UUA Information

The Unitarian Universalist Association Statements of Conscious over the years are as follows:

UUA Climate & Environmental Justice Action includes the Green Sanctuary Reaccreditation Program

UUA Ecological Justice Statement Chronological Listing (page 1 of 2)
UUA Ecological Justice Statement Chronological Listing (page 2 of 2)

1994 Environmental Justice General Resolution (1994)

Suggested Sources for Study

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

U.N. Climate Change Should Spur Actions, Editorial Board Star Tribune

100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming

Presentation/Discussion Summary - October 7th


Peoples Climate Movement - How to Plug In Duluth (handout)

NOTE: All one-on-one interview responses are available to members and friends only to maintain internal confidentiality of interview respondents. See any Act for Justice leader for the password to view the responses and then click on the “RESPONSES Q2-14” page in the drop down menu at the top left of this web page or click on the plus sign [+] at the top of a smartphone page.