What time are Sunday services?  

Sunday mornings during our regular program year (September through June) begin with a Community Hour at 9:30 am, followed by the worship service at 10:30 am, and a social hour at 11:30 am. Religious exploration for children and families is held during our Community Hour at 9:30 am. 

Where are you located?  

We are located at 835 W. College Street, with the University of MN, Duluth (UMD) to our east and the College of St. Scholastica (CSS) to our west.  Look for the green building with tree motif windows and a "green" (grass covered) roof on the upper side of College Street.  

How should I dress? 

There are a variety of styles of dress in our congregation; jeans, business, dressy and casual attire.   Please wear what is comfortable for you.  During holidays some of us will occasionally dress in seasonal attire if the mood moves us.  We do like to have fun, don't you know.  Occasionally some of us will wear our Side with Love gold tee shirts when we gather after a service for a social justice purpose.  

Where can I park? 

Parking spaces, both outside and inside our building, were designed with the environment in mind. On property outside parking along the entire front of our building includes two (soon to be four) Visitor reserved spaces directly across from the front door and two reserved handicap spaces; one on each side of the front door along the cement wall.   College Street offers additional parking on our side of the street.  Inside parking in our underground garage can be accessed on Sunday Mornings and for some special events.   To park in the garage go to the right (east) side of the building, pull up just to the electric eye (not to close to the door itself) and the door will automatically open.  Take care to move completely through the electric eye so the garage door does not come down on your vehicle.  Garage traffic is one-way east to west.   To exit the garage drive up to the west (CSS) door and it will open automatically and close behind you.  by way of the east (left) side door and it will open automatically.  

Take the walkway up to the main building level through the single green door on the left in the middle of the garage.  We welcome you to enjoy our interior garden walk.  You may also take the elevator (approximately 2/3 of the way in on the right) to the main level.   

Are there Religious Exploration classes offered for my children

Yes! Please visit our Children and Youth page for all of the details.

Can my children remain with me for the service?  

Yes!  Children of all ages are encouraged to join us for the worship service. This is a cherished time to come together as one community. Please don’t worry if your little ones make a bit of noise – that's a sign that we're growing and thriving and we’re glad to have you with us! 

Are there any provisions for people who have low vision, hearing difficulty, or disabilities?  

We have large print hymnals available, just ask an usher.   There are assisted hearing devices that consist of a smart phone connected to AudioFile. Please ask an usher for assistance with this equipment or bring your own. There is a wheelchair to be used by anyone. There is an elevator in the garage.

Is there a collection plate passed?  

Yes.  We pass a wooden plate which supports the congregation’s expenses and also a woven basket for donations to local non-profits aligned with our Principles in our effort to make our community a better place in which to live. The non-profit's name for each Sunday is indicated in the Sunday bulletin. Visitors are welcome to contribute, but as our guests, you are free to just let the plate and basket to pass you by.

What should I expect at a Sunday service?  The services follow a general format with readings, hymns, Chalice lighting, meditation, a story for all ages, the sharing of joys and concerns, and a sermon. Within this framework we have a variety of speakers and special events. Please visit us several times to experience the diversity in our services.

Am I welcome to join in activities/committees/various groups if I am not a member?  

Yes.  We are open and transparent and everyone is welcome to join us in all that we do.  

How can I learn more about Unitarian Universalism?  

Visit our Visitors Center in the back of the sanctuary for information and conversation with a friendly, helpful volunteer.

Attend a "Getting to Know Us" session. Please check the calendar for time and place. 

Two websites besides this one will provide information about Unitarian Universalism; UUA.org and Wikipedia's Unitarian Universalist page.  

Voices of Liberal Faith: Unitarian Universalism is a 12 minute video that provides important background information and inspirational messages about our religion including our history, theology, worship experience, religious education, social justice, and inclusiveness. It can be viewed here - YouTube online video

Is it true that UUCD welcomes GLBTA people? 

Yes, wholeheartedly!  Knowing that church should be a safe and supportive spiritual haven for all who attend, and also knowing that for many bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender people, their past church experience has been anything but that, we strive to be a sanctuary of love and acceptance.

My partner and I are of different faith backgrounds and beliefs.  Are we both welcome?  

Yes, unconditionally! Many individuals in multi-faith relationships and families find our congregation an ideal place to be together and grow spiritually without forcing any one individual to give up a personal religious path.  We are a covenant church rather than a creed one. Our members represent a wide variety of spiritual paths. (Agnostics, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Pagans, Humanists, Atheists, Native-American spirituality, etc.) but we come together in community around a covenant or mutual agreement based on the Seven Principles Who We Are — Our Beliefs to support others in their individual faith journeys. We find our shared belief in how we treat one another and relate to each other in our beloved congregational community.

I have heard many UUCD members have Humanistic beliefs.  What is Humanism?

Humanism teaches that our well-being and our very existence depend upon the web of life in ways we are only beginning to understand, that our place in nature has to be in harmony with it.  Humanism leads me to find a sense of wider relatedness with all the world and its peoples, and it calls me to work for a sound environment and humane civilization.  Because everything is interconnected, I cannot be concerned with my own life and the future of humanity without also being concerned about the future of the planet.  --Sarah Oelberg, UU minister