Garden Club

The Garden Club consists of experienced and inexperienced volunteers that help maintain the indoor garden, potted plants, and the outdoor berm because they appreciate the rare spirituality these plants provide to our congregation and because we believe our gardens are a visual representation of UUCD’s environmental vision.

Working in the indoor garden is life-sustaining because working with and smelling real soil and water in the middle of winter in Duluth is soul satisfying. The indoor garden requires regular cleaning as it experiences seasonal leaf fall and constant growth.

Our outdoor berm garden offers one of Duluth’s most beautiful church gardens. The berm garden is the landscaped hill that flanks both the left and right sides of the entry to our building. This garden requires maintenance from April (spring cleaning) through September (weeding, deadheading and finally winterizing). It then gives us a well-deserved rest from October through March.

All members are asked to volunteer to help clean our gardens one time each year. No experience is necessary as lead gardeners provide instruction.

Chair: Ann Fryberger,, 218-730-7741