Gender & Sexuality

Facilitators: Jo Haberman, David Broadwell and Gretchen Prosche

Discussion: Sunday, January 6th, 11:30 a.m. 

Light refreshments served.

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Tally - Five Major Focus Areas

15 Questions Asked

Resources from the one-on-one interviews are provided as folloow:

Question #8 Gender & Sexuality

Question #12 and #13 and #14 - Responses that Included References to Gender and Sexuality

UUCD Gender & Sexuality Resource Partners

NOTE: All one-on-one interview responses are available to members and friends only to maintain internal confidentiality of interview respondents. See any Act for Justice leader for the password to view the responses and then click on the “RESPONSES Q2-14” page in the drop down menu at the top left of this web page or click on the plus sign [+] at the top of a smartphone page.