Green Sanctuary



Green Sanctuary Committee

Acting Chairs:  Ed & Linda Hendrickson (

The Green Sanctuary Committee is comprised of:  

1)  Outdoor Work Crew – maintains and improves the outdoor sanctuary;

2)  Climate Action Team (CAT) – promotes environmental stewardship; and

3)  Good Food Group – sponsors gardeners’ market and harvest potluck.

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In the GS Fact Sheet link you will find out all about the Green Sanctuary program at UUCD:  GS Fact Sheet 071415

The UUA Green Sanctuary Program and Our History

The Green Sanctuary Program, which is administered by the UUA, provides a framework through which congregations can develop and act on a commitment to the Earth and to the Seventh Principle— to affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

In 2001, an existing Environmental Justice Committee at UUCD (then First Unitarian Church of Duluth) took on the name Green Sanctuary Committee with the purpose of seeking certification by the UUA of this congregation as a Green Sanctuary. Certification entails showing in a number of ways that the congregation as a whole is committed to environmentally sustainable practices. In May 2003, the congregation resolved to become certified as a Green Sanctuary. Under the leadership of the Green Sanctuary Committee, with Barb Akre as chair,  the congregation was awarded certification in 2005. Thus, it is the congregation that is the “Green Sanctuary.

Below are links to information about and descriptions of our Green Building and Outdoor Sanctuary.