Meditation and Buddhist Study Group


We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 P.M.  At 7:00 we ring a meditation bell which begins 30 minutes of silent meditation.  At 7:30 we begin discussion where we share our personal experiences and reflections on the chapter of the session.  At 8:25 P.M. the bell is rung again and a final 5 minutes of silence is observed which ends the formal part of the meeting.

The books are chosen by the group through discussion and voting.  A wide selection of modern Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness books have been used in the 10 years that the group has been meeting.  People involved range from those who have 20 plus years of experience to those who "just want to learn more or see what it is all about."  All of those with a sincere interes are welcome.  It is understood that all of us have other commitments and people do miss sessions.  A few with various restraints are only able to attend sporadically.

The practice of meditation (in some form) is used in most all religions and non-religions.  A time of silence to check in with ones inner workings is consistent with most known religions as well as agnosticism, and atheisms.  Modern Buddhism happens to be deeply encouraging and skillful in helping one with the inner journey.  During the sharing time we share our personal experiences with the chapter and support each other. 

For additional information please feel free to call Jerry Challman, 218-348-4755.