Religious Education

Here is the link for the sign-up sheet to volunteer in RE

The Religious Education Program touches all ages, from the infants cared for in the Nursery during Sunday services through classes and activities for children, youth and adults. Religious Education classes begin in September and are held throughout the school year.  Classes are planned for 9:30 am until 11:30am.

When you register your child for religious education, you are joining a partnership in which you are expected to participate as an occasional classroom helper and to join a teaching team every other year. The religious education of our children is a serious responsibility of our congregation and one which offers all ages the opportunity for friendship and community.

Our religious education is founded on the conviction that human nature, rather than alienating us from the spiritual or the divine, actually binds us to the universe and all that sustains us. The natural curiosities of children are the very resources on which a program of religious education should be built.

Reverend Jack Mendelsohn, Unitarian Universalist Minister

Vision Statement: Parents and children, regardless of parenting practices or religious beliefs, feel supported and enabled to participate in community at UUCD while also nurturing their spirituality and enacting their religious beliefs.

Values Statement

  1. We believe that children have a lot to teach adults about spirituality and living in the present, so we are thoughtful to involve them fully in church life and our worship services.
  2. We are committed to a strong child and youth community.  We work hard to create, and encourage individuals to initiate, all kinds of experiences for children and families to get together outside of Sunday worship.
  3. We believe that a strong and vibrant spiritual foundation combined with a rich community have amazing power in children’s lives to help them develop a strong moral compass that will guide them through their whole lives.

Mission Statement

  1. Children will be knowledgeable about the history, beliefs and principles of Unitarian Universalism while learning skills to translate their knowledge into daily living.
  2. Children/youth will be literate in world religions, practices, and cultural beliefs.
  3. Children/youth will have an understanding of social justice issues locally and globally.
  4. Families will feel supported in creating and in practicing their own meaningful spiritual traditions.
  5. Families will have an outlet for community building and for putting beliefs into practice within the UUCD community and beyond.

RE Committee Action Plan

  1. With the help of our Director of Religious Education, we will build a strong, sustainable Religious Education Program for children and youth with rich curriculum and loving constant guidance from teachers.
  2. We will offer a Parenting Drop-In Group to share information pertaining to parenting and spiritual topics.
  3. We will provide opportunities for children/youth to serve others in need within our community and beyond.
  4. RE teachers will provide parent hand-outs that support children’s learning in RE classes.
  5. We will offer a covenant group option that provides childcare.
  6. We will assist in creating and adapting existing events at UUCD to be family friendly.