Who We Are  

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We are a Member Congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion that emerged from a Jewish-Christian heritage. Our members hold a wide variety of theological views ranging from liberal Christianity, Buddism, Humanism, and Atheism.  

Welcoming Congregation - We celebrate the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in our congregation and in the larger community.

Certified UUA Green Sanctuary Congregation - The first in Minnesota, this congregation  promotes environmental and ecological standards through practice and education, and embraces our seventh principle of interconnectedness, with all that exists, and of which we are a part.  We built the first "green" church in Minnesota.

UUCD is a liberal congregation.  

Liberal theology is not for the faint of heart.  It points us in a general direction without telling us the specific destination.  It refuses to make our commitments for us, but holds us accountable to the commitments we make . . . It invites us to live with ambiguity without giving in to the facile comproise; to engage in dialogue without trying to control the conversation;  to be open to change without accepting change too casually; to take commitment seriously but not blindly; to be engaged in the culture without succumjbing to the culture's values.  --Paul Rasor, UU minister

Many UUCD members have Humanistic beliefs.  

Humanism teaches that our well-being and our very existence depend upon the web of life in ways we are only beginning to understand, that our place in nature has to be in harmony with it.  Humanism leads me to find a sense of wider relatedness with all the world and its peoples, and it calls me to work for a sound environment and humane civilization.  Because everything is interconnected, I cannot be concerned with my own life and the future of humanity without also being concerned about the future of the planet.  --Sarah Oelberg, UU minister