"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  



April 22, 2018

Adult Forum     9:30

Planetary Stewardship, Living Light. Ken Bowers

Consuming our world is our root existential threat. Moving from consuming to stewarding can bring about a sustainable future, with more fulfilling and less stressful ways of living. Join us to discuss what we can do for our planet, our values, our lives.

Worship 10:30

“Earth Day”

Multigenerational As spring comes into bloom and the natural world emerges around us, we’ll celebrate Earth Day in this all ages service through stories, songs, and a collaborative art experience.

April 29, 2018

Adult Forum     9:30

UUCD as an Accredited Green Sanctuary: Looking Back and Moving Forward.

Twelve years ago our congregation became an Accredited Green Sanctuary within the UUA, based on our completion of projects and actions affecting all areas of congregational life. We now have the opportunity to renew this commitment.

Worship 10:30

“Green Sanctuary”

Our congregation’s vision statement declares that we aspire to be a “thriving green sanctuary.” That’s not just a nice metaphor, but a certified status, and we’ve got the papers to prove it! This morning, we’ll look ahead at the exciting opportunity to be re-accredited in the Green Sanctuary program by continuing our journey toward environmental justice and sustainability.