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"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  



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May 20, 2018

Adult Forum     9:30a

Discovering What Our Congregation Cares About

Members of Peace and Justice and the Climate Action Team presenting.

Have you gotten the call yet? This morning we will hear more about UUCD’s volunteer “listening visits” team.  Since the board has chosen our mission to "act for justice" as a focus, we need to learn what UUCD people care most about so we can determine what directions and actions would best fit our congregation.

Worship     10:30a

Celebration of Learning”–Multigenerational ServiceOur UUCD mission statement speaks of our common commitment “to search for truth and meaning” together.  In other words, we are a learning congregation, continually engaged in exploring spiritual and ethical questions, and sharing our discoveries with one another. In this multigenerational service, we’ll look back over the past year of creative exploration, and we’ll celebrate what we’ve learned! 


May 27, 2018      Memorial Day

No Adult Forum

Worship     10:30A

The Art of War,” Rev. Bruce Johnson presenting

It is a terrible truth that many great works of art have emerged out of the cauldron of war.  The fields of literature, painting, music, film, and architecture all bear witness to the tragic facts of warfare.  Human creativity can shape powerful masterpieces even out of the chaos and carnage of the battlefield.  What can we learn from the artists who take war as their subject matter?

June 3, 2018      

Adult Forum 9:30A

Review Proposed Operations Budget for July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 with Board President Jane Gilley and Treasurer Geiger Yount.  This is a time to learn and get your questions addressed in order to prepare to vote at the June 13 annual meeting.
Worship     10:30A

Change a World with Love (CAWL)   Rick Youmans presenting