"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  




Sunday,  February 26, 2017

Coming of Age    9:00

Adult Forum     9:30  

"Wild Kingdom" 

Wild Kingdom is the title of Brian Barber's illustration display at UUCD. Brian is an illustrator, animator, designer and videographer here in Duluth.  He is also a member of UUCD.  The show is a whimsical take on wildlife art, sometimes based in reality, but most times not. Brian will talk about the work, how he developed the style he works in, and show some work from other projects.

Children's Religious Education Classes   9:30

Nursery   10:30

 Worship Service   10:30

“Transcending Gender”

Rev. Bruce Johnson, presenting

Often the first question that is asked about us when we are born – or even before – is whether we  are a boy or a girl.  This suggests that our gender identity is thought to be very important, very close to the heart of who we are, but can gender really be defined and described in such simple terms?  How does our gender identity relate to other aspects of who we are, including our spiritual identity?