"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  

Unitarian Preacher, Frances David 1510-1579


Sunday, November 18, 2019

Adult Forum 9:30 a.m.

Economic Justice: What is it and Can the U.S. Obtain It?

According to the UUA, economic inequality Undergirds a thousand injustices, from climate change to homelessness.  The economic justice team of Act for Justice (Ann Fryberger, Rich Updegrove and Carol Michealson) invite all of you to engage in a discussion beginning with the forum and continuing after the worship service.

 Worship 10:30 a.m.

“A Community of Memory and Hope Shaped by Its Space”

presented by Rev. Karen Gustafson

1802 East First Street; 4401 Glenwood Street; 202 West Second Street; 145 West Winona Street; 835 West College Street - all addresses of a community committed to not letting space limit the fullness of their hopes and dreams. For those who remember, a time of reflection; for those new to the story, a  time of claiming a piece of the history that is now yours.

Video: We are Unitarian Universalists:

Celebrating our mission to ACT FOR JUSTICE, UUCD choir presents its premier video:

Children and Youth

 Weekly Update / Friday Connect

Weekly Update / Friday Connect