"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  


October 22, 2017

FORUM   9:30 am

Income Inequality: Year of Action

Carl Etter and Rev. Bruce Johnson, presenting.

During the past four years, the Social Justice Committee studied and took action on the UUA study action issue of escalating inequality.  A separate committee was formed to study this complicated issue, educate the congregation, and take action. They will provide an update on Congregational Study Action Issues (CSAI) based on the final "Statement of Conscience" on Escalating Inequality passed during this summer's General Assembly (GA) and future topics. Rev. Bruce attended the GA and Carl Etter is a member of the UUCD Escalating Inequality Team.


White Supremacy Teach-In: Part II

Rev. Bruce Johnson, presenting.

At last June’s General Assembly in New Orleans, the Unitarian Universalist Association made a priority of addressing systemic racism, encouraging congregations across the country to address the many ways that the often unconscious ideology of white supremacy continues to operate in society and in our lives to prevent the achievement of our full humanity.  We’ll join hundreds of other UU congregations this morning to continue this work.