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"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  



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May 27, 2018      Memorial Day

No Forum today

Worship     10:30A

11:30am Budget Hearing in the Social Hall.  Your chance to see and ask questions concerning the 2019 Fiscal Year budget to be voted on at the Annual Meeting (Wednesday June 13 6:30pm).  

The Art of War,” Rev. Bruce Johnson presenting

It is a terrible truth that many great works of art have emerged out of the cauldron of war.  The fields of literature, painting, music, film, and architecture all bear witness to the tragic facts of warfare.  Human creativity can shape powerful masterpieces even out of the chaos and carnage of the battlefield.  What can we learn from the artists who take war as their subject matter?

June 3, 2018      

Adult Forum 9:30A

Review Proposed Operations Budget for July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 with Board President Jane Gilley and Treasurer Geiger Yount.  This is a time to learn and get your questions addressed in order to prepare to vote at the June 13 annual meeting.
Worship     10:30A

Worship 10:30A 

“The Positive, Empowering Spirituality of Unity” Rick Youmans presenting 
“We are each individual, external expressions of God. Our essential nature is divine and therefore inherently good.” This is one of the basic principles of Unity, a new thought church with a broad, positive, spiritual message. We will explore the 5 Basic Principles of Unity, how the Unity view of the world works in a practical sense, and what attracts spiritual seekers to Unity.



Annual Meeting!  Voting Members of UUCD are encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 6:30 pm in the UUCD Social Hall

Light supper before the meeting, beginning about 5:30pm.  Ice cream social AFTER the meeting!

Agenda will include the following (subject to additions, watch for more information in the Weekly Update emails and the June newsletter):

Election of new Board of Trustees Members

Election of new Nominating Committee Members

Woven Basket collection changes and choices

Operating Budget for 2018-2019 fiscal year 

Nomination Petitions for Board of Trustees
The Annual Congregational Meeting has been set for June 13, 2018.  The Nominating Committee has fulfilled its responsibilities to nominate someone for each Board of Trustees vacancy.  However, Members may also nominate another Member for a position on the Board by petition. This petition must include the name of the person submitting petition, a statement of consent by the person nominated.  (A member may NOT nominate him or herself.)  The petition must also contain the signatures of at least five members of the congregation. Petition nominations will be delivered to the Board Secretary along with the candidate's written summary of qualifications and objectives at least 25 calendar days prior to the annual meeting.  Petitions may be obtained by emailing or calling the office (uucduluth@gmail.com or 724-0308) or online at our website www.uuduluth.org.

Nominees for the UUCD Board of Trustees for terms beginning on July 1, 2018
The Nominating Committee offers the following candidates for election to the Board of Trustees to serve a three-year term beginning July 1, 2018:

Alisa DeRider                         Russ Maron                         Julie McDonnell

President of the Board of Trustees
The Nominating Committee offers the following candidate for election as the President of the Board of Trustees to serve a one-year term beginning July 1, 2018:  Therese Presley.