"We do not have to think alike to love alike."  


September 17, 2017

FORUM     9:30

The Center for Changing Lives

Presented by Maureen Warren, Vice President and Chief Family Services Officer of LSS Minnesota.

The new Center for Changing Lives Duluth opened in June 2017. This will be a safe place where at-risk youth can find guidance and support.  The central site will allow a holistic approach to services for youth. Maureen Warren oversees services and operations of the Center for Changing Lives in Minneapolis.  The Center for Changing Lives is the Woven Basket for the month of September.


WORSHIP     10:30

“Sanctuary and Beyond,”

Rev. Bruce Johnson, presenting

“Sanctuary” suggests a safe and sheltered environment, a protected place of refuge and retreat.  Whether understood in sacred or secular terms, the need for sanctuary is a universal human desire. But is sanctuary enough? We need challenge as well as comfort, risk as well as security. How do we hold these needs in creative balance, as we seek to create beloved community?